Responsible Gaming

At Rummy glee, it is our constant endeavor to help you play cash games responsibly. We are a popular online gaming platform and an accountable gaming site because we conduct all our online cash games fairly in a safe and secure environment. We also consider it our duty to protect our players from some unwarranted or adverse consequences that might result from inappropriately playing cash games over a considerable length of time.

Please note that we strictly monitor and observe the activities of all our players and reserve the right to expel them in case we find them using any unfair means. We also advise them against developing any form of obsessive and/or compulsive behavior with regards to online cash gaming. Should we detect anything along these lines, we alert them.

  • Being a responsible card gaming service provider in India, we have placed the following precautionary measures:
  •     Your balance primarily consists of two components: Deposits and Winnings.
  •     We restrict players less than 18 years to create a new account on our platform.
  •     We prohibit players less than 18 years of age from playing card games on Rummy glee.
  •     We undertake round-the-clock 24/7 monitoring of all our online card games to detect inappropriate or unfair gaming practices.
  •     We comply with Indian Laws to safeguard all players’ personal and financial information with a high-level encryption security software.
  •     We offer limits on players’ online cash deposits and withdrawal amounts to discourage obsession in any form.
  • Tips on Responsible Gaming while playing cash games on Rummyglee. We advise you to:
  •     Treat these games just as you would treat any other game of your choice. We respect your passion.
  •     Understand that your passion for the game should not affect your daily activities.
  •     Keep a track of the total time you spend playing online card games on Rummyglee or anywhere else.
  •     Stay away from any compulsive or obsessive behavior, or addiction to the games offered on our platform.
  •     Approach the game from an optimistic viewpoint.

The Online Rummy Federation

The Online Rummy Federation is a not-for-profit society established under the Societies Registration Act to guide and support the online rummy industry in providing sustainable and healthy entertainment to players across India.

Remember that Indian Rummy is a social game that should be played for entertainment only. Know when to stop and check for any form of addiction to the game. Even professionals who have mastered this game of skills know when to play, drop and leave the table. So play responsibly on Rummyglee!

Note: Rummy glee is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and provide an effective solution to your instructional needs. Contact us at any time at